BQE Foundational Works: Laziness Does Not Exist (part II)
A plug and a short story
Foundational BQE Works: Work Won’t Love You Back (part I)
“Time is money” is a noble saying meant to make us value time. It falls short. Time is so much more than that. Unlike money, time is not replenishable…

December 2022

Foundational BQE Works: Laziness Does Not Exist (part I)
Exploring my weariness around one of our greatest dogmas

September 2022

The dynamics of working in advertising, the extent to which we're antiwork, how older generations were brought up as workaholics

August 2022

Hello everyone! You may have noticed (probably not) that I’ve taken the end of summer off from posting to handle some other things. I’ve been preparing…

July 2022

A short video-poem to chill out your inner boss
A dashboard of foundational “anti-work” books for workaholics

June 2022

Is a “fully dignified” job possible?
Beware of ancestors reduced to caricatures of perfection