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How much is the “human 10%” worth?

How much is the “human 10%” worth?

Friends With Big Quit Energy: Keith Hayden on AI scrambling how we define “value”

While I’m amused by ChatGPT exposing how lifelessly us corporate droids already communicate (and the panic it’s causing), I can’t say I’m excited by Artificial Intelligence.  Yes, if we use it right, it could liberate us.  But forgive me if I’m highly skeptical that we’re enlightened enough to use it right. 

That’s why I’m excited to kick off our occasional audio conversation series with Keith Hayden. The most knowledgeable AI aficionado I personally know, Keith holds a more nuanced, though only slightly more optimistic, perspective on the matter. 

A “creative futurist” who uses his projects to learn new technology, Keith (@kh_author on Twitter) is in an interesting position regarding AI.  He trains normal folks in it so they can make creations previously unthinkable for anyone working alone (ex. he’s using it to turn his sci fi novel, Cereus and Limnic, into a highly produced audio drama).  Yet he’s also a very active voice in warning about its dangers to the human spirit

In this hour-long conversation we cover:

  • AI accelerating derivative, “hollow” and “less human” work that (for now) needs “the last 10%” to come from humans to feel truly meaningful

  • The point at which work done with AI stops “belonging” to you (AKA…must you go through the emotional process of making something in order to “own” it?)

  • Whether AI rendering human work totally worthless (in market terms) could be a good thing

  • Potentially having to monetize any and all “uniquely human” connections (a skill Hayden is actively building, as insurance of sorts) to continue feeding ourselves

Enjoy, and please let me know any feedback as we continue to experiment with these interviews!

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